Daten zum Projekt

Vorstudie "Joint Stakeholders in Global Energy Governance? Prospects for Joint Global Problem-solving between the EU and China"

Initiative: Zukunftsfragen der Gesellschaft (beendet)
Ausschreibung: Europe and Gobal Challenges
Bewilligung: 26.10.2009
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr


By providing a trans-regional framework for in-depth collaborative research, the project aims at contributing to the creation of a joint problem-solving capacity between the EU and China in the field of global energy governance. The team will address the governance of global carbon emissions, of global oil markets, and of access to civilian use of nuclear energy. Recommendations for European policymakers will move the debate beyond the narrow Western prism. The preparatory activities will mainly focus on determining a set of common research goals, consolidating the shared empirical basis that will serve as a starting point for collective research actions, and deliberating on the theoretical underpinnings guiding the overall research efforts. These objectives will be achieved through two preparatory workshops, three preliminary background studies as well as a continuous process of exchange and discussion over the course of the planning phase.