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Intersubjectivity Interrupted: Experimental, Clinical and Philosophical Investigations

Initiative: European Platform
Bewilligung: 22.03.2012


One of the most compelling issues in the cognitive neurosciences has to do with the extent to which investigators should take account of the broader human context in which any experiment on "mental states" inevitably takes place. More specifically, there are live questions regarding how, methodologically, to address: (i) research subjects' own assessments of their mental processes during the course of an experiment, as well as (ii) the "social" nature of all experiments (there is always at least one experimenter and one research subject) in terms of both design and interpretation. The workshop is structured around two overarching questions: (1) Can scientists produce better knowledge of mental states in cognitive neuroscience if they employ experimental designs that: (a) Harness the social relations between experimenter(s) and research subject(s) that underpin all data collection in cognitive neuroscience? (b) Engage research subjects' own conceptualizations of their mental processes within these social, experimental contexts? (2) Can sociologists and historians produce more adequate accounts of social relations when they are both co-producers of, and privy to, laboratory-based techniques in which these phenomena are manifest and measurable as both powers for and limits of neuroscientific entanglements?