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Elektronisches Publikationsprojekt "MIND Group"

Initiative: European Platform
Bewilligung: 18.04.2013
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr


The MIND group - initiated and coordinated by Thomas Metzinger - consists of young researchers from various disciplines such as philosophy,psycho-logy, cognitive science and neuroscience. The basic idea of this group is to create a platform for people with one systematic focus in philosophy (typically analytical philosophy of mind or ethics) and another one in empirical research (typically neuro- or cognitive neuroscience). The aim is to build a network, and to integrate these different approaches to foster the development of advanced theories of the mind which incorporate most recent empirical findings as well as sophisticated conceptual work. Thus, one major purpose of the group is to help bridge the gap between sciences and humanities. On the occasion of the 20th meeting of the MIND group, a major open-access collected edition will be published. It will be authored by 40 distinguished representatives of the different dis- ciplines who participated in the mind group in various ways. The manu-scripts will be reviewed in an interactive process between the authors and the young scholars of the MIND Group involving a strict scientific peer review. It will also include commentaries from the young group members and replies from the established authors of the target articles. Eventually this resource will be available globally, also to students in developing countries, allowing a broad dissemination and discussion of the publication. The collection is edited by Thomas Metzinger and Jennifer Windt, group manager of the MIND group since 2009.