Daten zum Projekt

Towards understanding of lactaptin cell-death networks and their translational application

Initiative: Trilaterale Partnerschaften – Kooperationsvorhaben zwischen Wissenschaftler(inne)n aus der Ukraine, Russland und Deutschland
Bewilligung: 22.12.2017
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr 9 Monate


The trilateral project "Uncovering of lactaptin-mediated cell-death networks" which is supported by VolkswagenStiftung is devoted to the study of the peptide lactaptin, which presents a highly promising anti-cancer drug acting specifically on breast-cancer cells. The key goal of this project is the detailed characterization of the type of cell death that is induced by lactaptin and the detailed molecular mechanisms of lactaptin-induced cell death. In this regard, the well-established expertise of Prof. Seyrek in apoptosis and cancer is of a strong advantage for this project and would undoubtedly promote the scientific progress of the team.


  • Prof. Dr. Inna Lavrik

    Universität Magdeburg
    Medizinische Fakultät
    Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine
    Translational Inflammation Research

  • Dr. Yuriy Kit, Ph.D.

    National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    The Department of Regulation of Cell Proliferation
    Institute of Cell Biology
    Drahomanov St. 14/16, 79005, Lviv, Ukraine

  • Dr. Vladimir Richter

    Russian Academy of Sciences
    Siberian Branch
    Laboratory of Biotechnology

  • Prof. Dr. Kamil Seyrek

    Universität Magdeburg
    Institut für Experimentelle Innere Medizin