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Liminal Spaces as Sites of Socio-Cultural Transformation and Knowledge Production in the Arab World

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Initiative: Transformationsprozesse in der arabischen Welt
Ausschreibung: Staat, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft im Wandel – Multilateral-kooperative Forschungsvorhaben im arabischen Raum
Bewilligung: 03.07.2017
Laufzeit: 3 Jahre


The follow-up project focuses on "liminal spaces" in order to analyse the dynamic and temporal qualities of participative space, the topic of phase one, more closely. This will allow the project team to engage in a more differentiated way with the ongoing (and currently tendentially authoritarian) transformations in the Arab world. The case studies in Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Germany will investigate different instances of liminal spaces of socio-cultural transformation and the interaction and knowledge production that engages with these changes. In the first project phase, questions of accessibility and control of space as well as temporal appropriations - that are endangered by different attempts at state-control - turned out to be crucial. Hence, participation is often only a temporal quality of the spaces described, not a permanent feature. This project phase analyses liminal spaces, i.e. spaces of transition, border zones and transient spaces (both digital and material). They are analysed as both producer and product of socio-cultural transformation as well as spaces of negotiation of normative orders and knowledge production. Key questions are: Which alternative visions are created, how participative is knowledge production and how does this knowledge circulate? In doing so, the project contributes to current debates on liminality and knowledge production and combines both perspectives productively.


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