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Behavioral Interventions in Context: Can Anti-Bias Interventions Succeed in spite of Institutional Racism?

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Initiative: Lichtenberg - Professuren
Bewilligung: 22.01.2021
Laufzeit: 5 Jahre


The aim of the professorship is to use insights from psychology for policy-making - a field of application that is still new to psychology. The first five years will focus on reducing prejudice - a powerful force driving resistance to immigrants and refugees in Europe, as worldwide. The broader aim is to explore if and how personal interventions to reduce prejudice - the brainchild of psychologists - can succeed if institutional racism - traditionally the focus of social scientists - persists. To do so, findings from approaches that locate prejudice in the mind versus in institutions will be interrogated and integrated. In three Work Packages (WPs) the hypothesis will be tested for the specific case of intergroup contact interventions, that they cannot unfold their full potential to reduce prejudice when embedded in institutional environments that provide little support for positive intergroup relations. The ultimate aim is to identify and target the bottlenecks that prevent this full prejudice reduction effect, and to share the insights with policymakers, the public, and students to improve policymaking.