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INSUAH - Integrated Study on Urban Agriculture as Heritage

Initiative: Globale Herausforderungen
Ausschreibung: Integrating Different Perspectives on Heritage and Change
Bewilligung: 30.06.2021
Laufzeit: 4 Jahre


Given global challenges such as urbanisation, limited resources and food security, urban agriculture has turned from a phenomenon considered to be peripheral to a globally acknowledged instrument for sustainable development. Usually, urban agriculture initiatives focus around creating new systems; the qualities of inherited and vernacular systems of urban agricultural production and its associated benefits - for food supply, income generation, social and biodiversity, and the urban metabolism - have not been subject yet to research activities, despite the fact that considering urban development and heritage together is strongly suggested in the UN agenda for sustainable development. To address this gap, the team will share case study based experiences from different urban regions: Sao Paulo (Brazil), Havana (Cuba), Bandung (Indonesia), Tokyo (Japan) and Nuremberg (Germany). The project combines historical investigations, spatial analysis and living lab methods to detect, map and define the heritage and its associated values and threats, and to raise awareness of the heritage and elaborate targeted planning and policy agendas. The case study findings will be integrated in a parallel metalevel process by focussing upon a living heritage approach taking into account ecosystematic, contextual and participatory perspectives. As a final product, the project will formulate an Agenda on Urban Agricultural Heritage together with the FAO and the UN Habitat programme.


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Lohrberg

    Technische Hochschule Aachen
    Lehrstuhl Landschaftsarchitektur

  • Prof. Makoto Yokohari

    The University of Tokyo
    Graduate School of Engineering
    Department of Urban Engineering

  • Prof. Oekan S Abdoellah, Ph.D.

    Padjadjaran University
    Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
    Department of Anthropology Center for Environment
    and Sustainability Science
    Bandung, West Java

  • Prof. Dr. Jorge Pena Diaz

    Technical University of Havana
    Faculty of Architecture
    Department for Urban and Architectural Design
    Group for Urban Research and Action
    Kuba (Cuba)

  • Prof. Dr. Renato Cymbalista

    Centro Universitário das Faculdades
    Metropolitanas Unidas
    Urban Planning
    School of Architecture and Urban Planning
    Sao Paulo

  • Dr. Luciana Itikawa

    Centro Universitário das Faculdades
    Metropolitanas Unidas
    Urban Planning
    School of Architecture and Urban Planning
    Women in Informal Employment Globalizing
    and Organizing
    Sao Paulo