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Practical Training in the Life Sciences at Sokhumi State University in Tbilisi. Complementary application: - Education and training of secondary school biology teacher candidates -

Initiative: Zwischen Europa und Orient - Mittelasien/Kaukasus im Fokus der Wissenschaft
Ausschreibung: Ausschreibung: Strukturell orientierte Maßnahmen
Bewilligung: 20.12.2022
Laufzeit: 2 Jahre


During the implementation of the preceding training course "Molecular Methods in Biomedical Sciences" at Sukhumi State University it turned out that not only practical education in life sciences at Georgian Universities requires major reformation and improvement, but already education of pupils during secondary school provided by school teachers. It is therefore proposed to utilize the Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Biotechnology (CMDB) at Sokhumi State University with its already established infrastructure to improve the current education of secondary school biology teachers. It is noteworthy that the proposed program is fully in line with the current national reform of the Georgian education system and is strongly supported by the Georgian Ministry of Education. In order to raise enthusiasm of teacher candidates during their Master studies and selected young teachers for life sciences, this complementary project will offer on site meetings at secondary schools to inform teachers about internet-based educational resources and the impact of molecular and cell biology for modern life. Moreover, excursions to laboratories that utilize cellular and biomolecular technologies in medicine and agriculture, and practical training at CMDB in basic biomolecular techniques will be offered. The program will especially illustrate the importance of knowledge and technologies in this field for current and future life including diagnostics of infectious diseases in humans, farm animal and plants, development and production of vaccines and drugs, or protection of our environment. Moreover, the program will provide information about internet-based information sources that are crucial to prepare for a modern and interesting school class, educational programs of the European Union that are open for Georgian students, and opportunities for future careers in the life sciences. Finally, a compendium of basic information about the above topics will be prepared and provided in Georgian language via our website.


  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Martin

    Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
    Zentrum Chirurgie
    Leibniz Forschungslaboratorien für Biotechnologie
    und künstliche Organe (LEBAO)
    Klinik für Thorax-, Herz- und Gefäßchirurgie

  • Prof. Dr. Marina Pochkhua

    Sokhumi State University
    Centre of Molecular Diagnostics
    and Biotechnology Research