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    • Lichtenberg - Professuren
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Institution Bewilligungsdatum Initiative/Ausschreibung
Modern German Literature and Comparative Literature with a Focus on Transatlantic Literary History
Kai Sina Universität Münster 06.03.2020 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Provenance Studies
Lynn Rother Leuphana Universität Lüneburg 18.10.2019 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Quantum Origins of Magnetic Sensing
Ilia Solov'yov Universität Oldenburg 02.10.2019 Lichtenberg - Professuren
From optic flow to visual orientation and navigation as well as neuroimaging
Frederike Hanke Universität Rostock 22.08.2019 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Translational epigenetic research: Cancer - an epigenetic disease? Identification of biomarkers and elucidation of the causes and consequences of epigenetic modification in cancer
Michal-Ruth Schweiger Universität Köln 19.03.2019 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Language Documentation and Psycholinguistics
Birgit Hellwig Universität Köln 13.03.2019 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Situated Cognition. Perceiving the World and Understanding Other Minds
Tobias Schlicht Universität Bochum 06.03.2019 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Political Sociology: Social Movements and Conflict
Swen Hutter Freie Universität Berlin 16.11.2018 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Higher structures, categorified homology, and the topological A-model
Tobias Dyckerhoff Universität Hamburg 14.08.2018 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Philosophy and History of Physics
Dennis Lehmkuhl Universität Bonn 15.06.2018 Lichtenberg - Professuren
Ergebnisse 1-10 von 98:
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