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Project title
Grant recipient
Institution Allocation date
Ultrafast nanoscale dynamics probed by time-resolved electron imaging
Sascha Schäfer Universität Oldenburg Aug 16, 2017 Lichtenberg Professorships
Evolution of vaccine resistant herpesviruses
Benedikt Kaufer Freie Universität Berlin Mar 13, 2017 Lichtenberg Professorships
Improving Spatial Interactions with Novel Ubiquitous Interfaces
Johannes Schöning Universität Bremen Nov 23, 2016 Lichtenberg Professorships
Reaction Control in Megasynthases
Martin Grininger Universität Frankfurt am Main Oct 26, 2016 Lichtenberg Professorships
Circadian Clocks & Metabolism (continuation)
Henrik Oster Universität zu Lübeck Aug 29, 2016 Lichtenberg Professorships
Syria Antiqua: objects and their stories in numismatics (additional funding for refugee scholars)
Fleur Kemmers Universität Frankfurt am Main Aug 24, 2016 Lichtenberg Professorships
Spontaneous brain activity in healthy subjects and Parkinson's disease
Esther Florin Universität Düsseldorf Jun 23, 2016 Lichtenberg Professorships
Multiscale Dynamical Systems near Instability
Christian Kühn Technische Universität München Jun 10, 2016 Lichtenberg Professorships
Coinage and Money in the Graeco-Roman world (continuation)
Fleur Kemmers Universität Frankfurt am Main Nov 3, 2015 Lichtenberg Professorships
Molecular evolution and progression of liver cancer: from tumor-prevention to therapeutic approaches
Jens Marquardt Universität Mainz Sep 30, 2015 Lichtenberg Professorships
Results 1-10 of 81:
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