Daten zum Projekt

Mobility, networks and institutions in the management of natural resources in contemporary Africa - extension

Initiative: Wissen für morgen – Kooperative Forschungsvorhaben im subsaharischen Afrika (beendet)
Ausschreibung: Resources, Livelihood Management 2006
Bewilligung: 01.12.2011
Laufzeit: 2 Jahre


The first phase of the project investigated the relationship between mobility and the management of natural resources in African savannah environments as a result of processes of globalization, commoditization and rural impoverishment that lead to an increasing flow of people, ideas and capital. In the course of the project broader conceptions of mobility have been explored. Mobility strategically employed by human actors embodies not only the physical mobility of people between places but is closely connected to other flows that occur between places, including a variety of natural resources but also cultural repertoires, modes of business decision making, property rights and related institutional models. The new and different, even contrasting patterns of mobility are in analytical terms linked to the emergence of new sets of actors and brought land back on the academic and development agenda. The project examines land from a mobility angle and more specifically with a close focus on the two opposing interconnections between mobility and land based resources. The new mobilities raise critical questions about sustainability and put the on-going shift from community based to elite based management models on the agenda.


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig

    Universität Köln
    Philosophische Fakultät
    Cologne African Studies Centre
    Institut für Ethnologie

  • Prof. Dr. Paul Hebinck

    Wageningen University
    Department of Social Sciences
    Sociology of Rural Development

  • Dr. Mirjam de Bruijn

    Leiden University
    African Studies Centre

  • Prof. Dr. Francis B. Nyamnjoh

    University of Cape Town
    Faculty of Humanities
    Department of Social Anthropology
    5.23 Arts Building

  • Dr. Tangie Nsoh Fonchingong

    University of Buea
    Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
    Department of Political Science and Public
    Public Administration
    Kamerun (Cameroun)