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Structural and Magnetic Transformations in Nickel-Carbon Nanocomposites

Initiative: Zwischen Europa und Orient - Mittelasien/Kaukasus im Fokus der Wissenschaft
Bewilligung: 19.02.2013
Laufzeit: 2 Jahre


It is proposed to synthesize Nix/C nanocomposites which allow to stabilize metallic Ni (protected by carbon coating) and protect it from environmental influences (e.g. oxidation) which would lead to an immediate degradation of the magnetic properties. The correlation of morphology, structure and size of the Ni constituent (0 < x < 0.03) with the overall magnetic properties in a wide temperature range will be analyzed. These nanocomposites will be prepared by solid-phase pyrolysis of solid solutions of Ni(C32N8H16)-H2(C32N8H16) phthalocyanines. A unique feature of the proposed method is the possibility to prepare carbon-coated Ni particles of any required size: from small clusters and superparamagnetic particles to single- and multidomain ferromagnetic spherical nanoparticles of up to 300-400 nm in diameter. The concentration and size of Ni particles can be controlled both by the weight ratio of initial phthalocyanines and by pyrpyrolysis conditions. Optimized synthesis routes for size control in the final product will be developed. It is expected that the project will allow to reveal the nature of structural and magnetic transformations in nickel-carbon nanocomposites and obtain materials with tailored magnetic characteristics.


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Farle

    Universität Duisburg-Essen
    Fakultät für Physik

  • Dr. Aram Manukyan

    National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
    Institute for Physical Research