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Sentence comprehension as a cognitive process: A computational approach

Initiative: Opus Magnum
Bewilligung: 06.04.2016
Laufzeit: 2 Jahre


The monograph titled "Sentence Comprehension as a Cognitive Process: A Computational Approach" aims to explore the broader empirical consequences of a computational model of sentence comprehension processes that is based on a general architecture of cognition, ACT-R. The book will explore four major current themes in sentence comprehension research through the lens of this computational model: (a) the interaction of eye-movement control and parsing, (b) impaired sentence comprehension processes in aphasia, (c) underspecification in sentence comprehension as a function of task demands, and (d) the role of individual capacity-based differences in building syntactic structure. It will also serve as a practical guide, providing easy-to-use tools that allow other researchers to explore the predictions of the computational model in novel research settings.