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African Research Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ARNTD)

Initiative: Wissen für morgen – Kooperative Forschungsvorhaben im subsaharischen Afrika
Ausschreibung: Postdoc-Fellowship-Programm "Neglected Communicable Diseases and Related Public Health Research"
Bewilligung: 03.07.2015
Laufzeit: 4 Jahre


Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of disabling, disfiguring, and often life-threatening diseases affecting over one billion people worldwide - often the poorest of the poor. The African Research Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ARNTD) was set up in 2013 to serve as a support platform for NTD experts on the continent. The network was initiated by Research Fellows supported by the European Foundations Initiative for NTDs (EFINTD). The ARNTD will fill a critical gap in the growth and promotion of African NTD researchers, their research capacity, and potential to empower the next generation of NTD researchers in Africa, with African research leadership. The broad aims of the ARNTD are as follows: 1. To build a sustainable collaborative network comprising NTD researchers, policy makers and implementers including clinicians, 2. To promote the need for NTD research, control and eradication in Africa through advocacy and fund raising, 3. To stimulate research and strengthen the capacity required in Africa, 4. To make information on NTDs and related research widely available in Africa, particularly within the health care sector. The ARNTD believes in a holistic approach to promoting research which allows for greater impact downstream through the translation of findings in the laboratory to tangible products or interventions in the field or among communities. Thus the ARNTD has members involved in four research focus areas: 1. Basic Research and Vaccine Studies Group, 2. Operational Research, 3. Social Science and Implementation Research, 4. Co-infection and Zoonotic Research. The ARNTD operates in virtual manner but maintains a lean Executive Secretariat which maximizes the use of IT to coordinate and facilitate communication with and among members. The Secretariat is hosted by the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR) in Kumasi, Ghana.


  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Fleischer

    für Tropenmedizin (BNI)

  • Dr. Pauline NM Mwinzi

    Kenya Medical Research Institute
    Center for Global Health Research, Kisumu

  • Dr. Richard Odame Phillips

    Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and
    Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
    Department of Medicine

  • Dr. Sammy Njenga

    Kenya Medical Research Institute
    Eastern and Southern Africa Centre of Parasite
    Control (ESACIPAC)

  • Dr. Gustave Simo

    University of Dschang
    Faculty of Science
    Department of Biochemistry
    Kamerun (Cameroun)

  • Dr. Nilsa de Deus

    Ministry of Health
    National Institute of Health (NIH)
    Research Department
    Mosambik (Mocambique)

  • Dr. Hester Gertruida O'Neill

    University of the Free State
    Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
    Dept. of Microbial Biochemical
    and Food Biotechnology

  • Dr. Thomas Kariuki

    African Academy of Sciences (AAS)
    Biology, Biomedical Research

  • Dr. John H. Amuasi

    Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research
    in Tropical Medicine (KCCR)
    African Research Network for Neglected Tropical