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Comparing protest actions in Soviet and post-Soviet spaces

Initiative: Trilaterale Partnerschaften – Kooperationsvorhaben zwischen Wissenschaftler(inne)n aus der Ukraine, Russland und Deutschland
Bewilligung: 05.02.2016
Laufzeit: 3 Jahre


Bringing together historians, political scientists and sociologists, the project aims to investigate three major events of political protest and - largely neglected by previous research - their pre-history: protest 1) in the Soviet Union during Perestroika and in the preceding decades (starting from de-Stalinization in the 1950s), 2) in Russia under President/Prime Minister Putin with the latest mass political protests appearing in the context of elections in 2011/12, and 3) in Ukraine focusing on the Orange Revolution (2004), the Euro-Maidan (2013/14) and the respective pre-histories and aftermaths. In contrast to the structure-oriented majority of previous research, the investigation focuses on A) key individuals and activist groups, B) the diffusion of strategies and motives, and C) the protesters' relation to dominant discourses and the existing political regime. The team comprises junior and senior researchers as well as archival and data collection staff from the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen, Memorial St. Petersburg, the Public Sociology Laboratory (St. Petersburg), the Center for Social and Labor Research (Kiev) and the Foundation to Preserve the History of Maidan (Kiev). The partner institutions hold substantial bodies of archival material and data, which will be fully indexed and enhanced through extensive additional data collection. The results will be made available to academic community in order to strengthen the role of the partners as internationally recognized centres for research and for researchers on the topic.


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