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Modern German Literature and Comparative Literature with a Focus on Transatlantic Literary History

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Initiative: Lichtenberg - Professuren
Bewilligung: 06.03.2020
Laufzeit: 5 Jahre


The Lichtenberg Professorship is situated in the field of Modern German Literature and Comparative Literature. Within this broad framework, it focuses on questions of Transatlantic Literary History, particularly with regard to the relationship between German and US-American literature. The scholarly relevance results from a reciprocal relationship: American authors of the 19th century dealt intensively and critically with German literature in order to derive a genuinely American poetics from it. Conversely, the ambivalent relationship of 20th century German literature to modernity would be unthinkable without its conflictuous but also highly productive reception of American literature and culture. The transatlantic processes of reception, however, are equally tied to social and political debates of acute historical as well as current relevance: debates on liberalism and individualism, democracy and humanity. The Lichtenberg Professorship provides the opportunity to open up an immensely rich field of research and establish it in the interdisciplinary context of the humanities.


  • Prof. Dr. Kai Sina

    Universität Münster
    Fachbereich Philologie
    Abteilung für Neuere deutsche Literatur
    Germanistisches Institut

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