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Explainable Intelligent Systems (EIS)

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Initiative: Künstliche Intelligenz – Ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft von morgen
Ausschreibung: Künstliche Intelligenz – Ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft von morgen - Planning Grant
Bewilligung: 07.02.2019
Laufzeit: 9 Monate


Decisions that directly affect individual lives or society as a whole are increasingly aided by intelligent systems. Domains of application include, but are not limited to, traffic control, the health sector, human resource management, or the police and judiciary systems. Intelligent systems play a vital role in shaping decisions regarding freedom versus imprisonment, healing versus death, or justice versus discrimination. Their objective is to take the workload off decisionmakers and to enable them to make better informed decisions. However, in all these cases we want human agents, rather than intelligent systems, to make the final decision. This is because, first, only humans can take responsibility for decisions and, second, only humans can give appropriate weight to case-sensitive considerations in their decision-making processes. Intelligent systems therefore must be designed to assist us in deciding responsibly and in a wellinformed way. The project Explainable Intelligent Systems (EIS) thus needs a broad and interdisciplinary setup in order to answer its guiding research question: How can and should intelligent systems be designed to provide explainable recommendations? Although this problem is urgent, interdisciplinary research concerning the explainability of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. While different disciplines have presented fragmentary results, a truly interdisciplinary research programme with a common language is still missing. This project aims to implement such a programme.


  • Prof. Dr. Holger Hermanns

    Universität des Saarlandes
    Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
    Fachrichtung Informatik
    Lehrstuhl für Zuverlässige Systeme
    und Software

  • Dr. Eva Schmidt

    Universität Zürich
    Philosophische Fakultät
    Institute of Philosophy

  • Prof. Dr. Ulla Wessels

    Universität des Saarlandes
    Philosophisches Institut
    Professur für Praktische Philosophie

  • Prof. Dr. Georg Borges

    Universität des Saarlandes
    Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät
    Professur für Bürgerliches Recht,
    Rechtsinformatik, deutsches und internationales
    Wirtschaftsrecht sowie Rechtstheorie

  • Prof. Dr. Cornelius König

    Universität des Saarlandes
    Fachrichtung Psychologie
    Professur für Arbeits- und

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