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Center for Rhetorical Science Communication Research on Artificial Intelligence (RHET AI)

Initiative: Wissenschaftskommunikation hoch drei
Bewilligung: 02.07.2021
Laufzeit: 5 Jahre


The Center for Rhetorical Science Communication Research on Artificial Intelligence (RHET AI) focuses on the social, cultural, and ethical challenges of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI research is advancing massively, fascination and enthusiasm meet doubt, scepticism, and fear in the social debate. In this context, the consortium aims to investigate the structure of discourses and debates on AI from a rhetorical perspective and discuss which narratives and frames play a role in the discourse and which topical arguments prevail. The center will provide access to different current AI research areas such as Machine Learning, Intelligent Systems, and Neural Networks, and will advance and explore science communication projects to explain, discuss, and communicate AI research in dialogue with citizens on regional and national levels. Rhetoric will make conflicting interests and emotional reactions investigable within science communication research by means of a comprehensive perspective of the addressees and thus move forward an innovative approach to science communication. In cooperation with "Wissenschaft im Dialog", the consortium will further develop methods of participatory science communication and apply them to the communication of AI topics nationwide. So-called AI Cafés and the "I am a scientist" series will be used to specifically address schoolchildren, but discussion events at locations where AI research facilities are located will also be promoted. Finally, the consortium will anticipate future developments: What advances will technology take? What debates await us? What societal issues and problems need to be discussed and considered? The results will also be made available to science communication through a comprehensive transfer concept and will be introduced into science communication research as a contribution to the discussion.