Daten zum Projekt

Informal Markets and Trade in the Caucasus and Central Asia; Additional Module: The Immediate Consequences and Projected Long-Term Impact of the Corona Crisis on Informal Markets and Trade in Eurasia

Initiative: Zwischen Europa und Orient - Mittelasien/Kaukasus im Fokus der Wissenschaft
Bewilligung: 19.08.2020
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr 6 Monate


The main project had studied informal markets and trade in Eurasia; using primarily field based methods, the focus was on shuttle and bazaar traders, who travel within Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as to and from China. It is intended to investigate China's increasing role in the region, and how the Covid-19 pandemic affects informal trading activities and the mobility of traders studied in the first phase. Moving forward, it will be studied how the pandemic impacts cooperation between Chinese and Eurasian business partners; how travel restrictions influence the flow of goods; the adaptive practices and strategies of traders; the use of digital channels for communication; and more broadly, change in the informal sector and grassroots globalization.


  • PD Dr. Susanne Fehlings

    Frobenius-Institut an der
    Universität Frankfurt am Main
    Frankfurt am Main

  • Dr. Hamlet Melkumyan

    National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
    Department of Contemporary Anthropological Studies
    Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography

  • Dr. Hasan Karrar

    Lahore University of Management Sciences
    School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Department of Humanities and Social Sciences