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Science Communication Strategy for the AFAR Project

Initiative: Zusätzliche Mittel für Wissenschaftskommunikation
Bewilligung: 11.05.2023
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr 6 Monate


The AFAR project examines the use of 'newtech' (algorithmic decision-making in particular) in migration and asylum governance with a legal and normative focus on fairness. Our Science Communication strategy aims to ensure the effective dissemination of our research findings - including case law collection, mapping reports, and reform proposals - developing public engagement formats and implementing participatory research methods. The project's communication impacts the research by increasing data literacy, informing policy-making, raising awareness, facilitating transnational conversations, and engaging affected communities. The target groups vary across legal actors, civil society stakeholders, and influential policymakers. Communication formats include an online database, interactive map, film festival and café/pub culture events, policy briefs, workshops, and participatory action research. The project emphasises dialogic and participatory approaches, involving stakeholders in refining research methods and amplifying the voices of affected communities.