Daten zum Projekt

Sustaining Ukrainian Scholarship - A fellowship program for 3 years, 2023-2026

Initiative: Vorhaben mit besonderem Stiftungsbezug
Bewilligung: 31.03.2023
Laufzeit: 3 Jahre


The project is to be jointly operated by NEC and CAS. It envisages awarding individual fellowships for promising scholars from the humanities and the social sciences from the regions affected by Russia's war against Ukraine. It builds on the two institutions' experience in working with fellows from the post-Soviet space and will benefit from the Ukrainian alumni network to generate applications and shape further action adapted to the needs and circumstances in the war-stricken country. While the general idea is to invite fellows for residencies of 5 to 10 months to Bucharest or Sofia, the support measures should be applied with a high degree of flexibility according to the situation of the chosen individual scholars. Two of the fellowships will be provided to the "incubation phase" of a future Institute for Advanced Study in Ukraine which is operated by the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. The project is composed of three components. (1) With a focus on the present, it aims to offer bridging fellowships to Ukrainian refugee scholars whose funding by the Volkswagen Foundation will be running out this spring. (2) With a focus on return, it aims to offer fellowships and additional support for scholars from war-affected regions who apply with concrete plans to reintroduce scholarly training and learning, to revive research, and to rebuild infrastructure upon return to their home countries. (3) With a view to long-term development of scholarship throughout the region, it aims to offer fellowships and additional support for individual scholars or small teams who apply with projects that will create valuable and sustainable research resources and networks for the academic community in the adjacent countries and at large.