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Demographic Change and the Intergenerational Persistence in Homeownership in Europe

Initiative: Herausforderungen für Europa
Ausschreibung: Challenges and Potentials for Europe: Intergenerational Futures
Bewilligung: 13.12.2023
Laufzeit: 4 Jahre


The aim of the project is to investigate the impact of demographic changes on the intergenerational persistence of homeownership. Parental homeownership increases the chances of offspring's homeownership. While increasing life expectancies may reduce the resources that can be transferred for homeownership across generations, low fertility rates may reduce the number of siblings competing for these resources. Therefore, it is yet unclear which effect the demographic change will have as it also interplays with other contextual factors, such as housing market dynamics. This study employs a comparative research design that draws on quantitative longitudinal data and will provide a model on the demographic conditions of the intergenerational persistence for predicting future scenarios. While all EU member states and the UK will be covered by the analysis, additional analyses for four country cases (Germany, Hungary, Spain, UK) representing the most-diverging cases regarding the housing market conditions and other factors that potentially influence the intergenerational persistence of homeownership, such as family norms and intergenerational solidarity, will be conducted.