Daten zum Projekt

Pop-Up Citizen Lab: Social Acceptance of Urban Innovations

Initiative: Transformationswissen über Demokratien im Wandel – transdisziplinäre Perspektiven
Ausschreibung: Task Forces
Bewilligung: 06.02.2024
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr


Current debates see a decrease of trust in democratic systems, their representatives and decisions. Acceptance of officials' decision-making is a vital prerequisite for functioning democratic systems. Its lack and the resulting dissatisfaction and distrust often propagate bottom-up from a local level and also affect societal changes. Thus, the scope of our project lies on social acceptance on the local level, specifically regarding the implementation of urban innovations. To address these issues, two Bochum-based organizations collaborate and continue previous cooperations: the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) and the Smart City Innovation Unit (SCIU). We will examine policy and procedural acceptance of urban innovation in cites by conceptualizing and conducting "pop-up citizen labs", an innovative experimental approach. In these one-day lab events, citizens will be immersed in group-based tasks dealing with urban innovations and participation formats in different constellations, simulating situations in which a city plans to introduce new technology. Developing and testing innovative tools and methods, we generate important data and knowledge about organizing citizen participation. This will lead to the drawing of recommendations for action as well as other forms of cooperation (workshops, idea sprints) that can be applied by other cities.