Up to date information on the funding initiatives, their respective objectives, the funding possibilities, and deadlines are provided on our homepage Please consult the ‘Information for Applicants’ of the chosen initiative for further details.


Please follow the steps 1 to 7 to compile and submit your application:

  1. If you are a new user please register at the application portal with your name, your e-mail address and your own password. When registering you will be asked about your work address details. Subsequently, you must activate your account using the link sent by e-mail. If you already have a user account you can immediately login using your e-mail address and password.
  2. The function new application starts the selection of the corresponding funding initiative, the application type, the grant-receiving institution, and the language. As co-applicants are involved please consider the language which best suits them.
  3. Now – and later on – you can interrupt the compilation of your application at any time. As required you can logout and login again.
  4. Please check whether the pre-filled data on the applicant are correct. Furthermore, we need application data (e. g. project title, duration) and the budget. You are asked to enter all information in the respective forms. Please note that the save button does not transfer any data to the Foundation. You are able to revise all data until the submission of your application. Please keep in mind to read and accept the legal statement. If you wish you can generate a PDF of the filled-in forms for verification and for your filing.
  5. Under enclosures you are able to upload files as required according to the checklist in the „Information for Applicants“. Only PDF files are accepted. Before submission all files can be exchanged for new versions.
  6. In case of a joint application, please invite co-applicants. After prior registration they have access to this application for data entries and file uploads. Furthermore, your co-applicants can enter separate budgets as needed. In order to coordinate a finalized application you can choose freeze application for write protection.
  7. Once your application is complete you can submit it electronically to the Foundation.
  8. In the course of processing your application the Foundation might request additional information. The function new supplement is used to upload and submit according files.


Please contact for any technical questions when using the electronic application system. The contact person given on the homepage and in the respective ‘Information for Applicants’ can provide assistance with any questions on the specific funding initiative.