Daten zum Projekt

Discursive power in the coverage of Covid-19: An international comparison of hidden structures in contemporary media systems identified with deep learning techniques in text, images, and video (additional Corona-related funding)

Initiative: Internationale Forschung in den Computational Social Sciences
Bewilligung: 28.01.2021
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr 6 Monate


The current project "Communicative Power in Hybrid Media Systems" identifies biases driven by commercial or political foundations of specific media organizations as well as the hidden structural power-relationships between different media outlets and types and the interconnection with alternative media and publics on social media. What determines the coverage of Covid-19 and related political contestation in traditional and new media? The additional module will provide an important contribution in understanding the role of media coverage and social media reactions in the Corona crisis in international comparison. The project will identify hidden power structures between media organizations in contemporary hybrid media systems. This will provide insights about the determinants of information quality and the spread of misinformation during a large social crisis in media coverage. The project team will analyze media coverage on Corona in international comparison between Germany, UK, USA, and South Korea by using computational social science methods.


  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Jungherr

    Universität Konstanz
    Fachbereich Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft
    Center for Data and Methods
    Juniorprofessur Social Science Data Collection and

  • Dr. Jisun An

    Singapore Management University (SMU)
    School of Information Systems
    Singapur (Singapore)

  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Posegga

    Universität Bamberg
    Wirtschaftsinformatik und Angewandte Informatik
    Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik,
    insbes. Soziale Netzwerke