Daten zum Projekt

Export pipelines, geopolitics and cultural orientation in the Caspian region. Internal discourses and foreign policy-making in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

Initiative: Zwischen Europa und Orient - Mittelasien/Kaukasus im Fokus der Wissenschaft
Bewilligung: 23.05.2011
Laufzeit: 2 Jahre


As relevant players in the struggle over control of oil and gas production and transportation the countries of the Caspian Region discuss their options not only in terms of economic gains, but see their decision on export pipelines as a basis for strategic alliances with broader implications including a cultural dimension of a perceived choice between Western, post-Soviet and Eastern values. The project looks at Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan for the period 1992-2011 and aims at analysing the scope of public debates and their impact on political decision-making. The project team includes regional experts from the Public Finance Monitoring Center in Baku (Kenan R. Aslanli) and the Central Asian Foundation for the Development of Democracy in Almaty (Dr. Tolganay Umbetalieva). The projects also aims to create an international academic network, especially of younger researchers working on related issues in the Caspian region.