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Effects of the Omnipresence of Medical Artificial Intelligence on the Relationship between Health-Professional and Patient

Initiative: Künstliche Intelligenz – Ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft von morgen
Ausschreibung: Künstliche Intelligenz – Ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft von morgen - Planning Grant
Bewilligung: 07.02.2019
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr


The goal of this project is to investigate the relationship between patients and health professionals in the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, the medical doctor is the exclusive source of patient-specific information and knowledge in most situations. The communication between patient and health professional is therefore both intimate and misbalanced. The bilateral nature of this interaction will completely be changed as the omnipresence of medical AI becomes part of the system. Patient-specific information is now shared in a triangle as the AI provides decision support to medical doctors and makes personal information accessible to patients. While likely unavoidable from today's point of view, this change can either be perceived as an enormous improvement towards patient self-empowerment, or an equally serious deterioration of human privacy, independence and autonomy. The difference between a dystopian surveillance scenario and the utopia of the information-enabled medical partnership is largely psychological by nature. Therefore, the project will focus on investigating concrete aspects of the changed relationship in the context of several use-cases from representative fields of medicine and medical technology. The consequences of the changes addressed in this project are of highest relevance for all of us, as everybody is or will be in the role of a patient in his or her life and we all will be faced with medical AI at crucial intersection points of our lives within the next decade.