Daten zum Projekt

Explainability for Public Communication of Expert Knowledge: Translating AI Explainability Research to Public Communication in Complex Crises on the Example of COVID-19 (additional Corona related funding)

Initiative: Künstliche Intelligenz – Ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft von morgen
Ausschreibung: Künstliche Intelligenz – Ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft von morgen - Planning Grant
Bewilligung: 29.01.2021
Laufzeit: 1 Jahr


This project module investigates how research on explainability of AI systems could be translated and applied to public communication of expert knowledge in complex crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Both AI systems and expert recommendations of COVID-19 measures present people with results of what they perceive as intransparent, complex systems whose reasoning processes are neither directly observable, nor readily understandable. The goal is to examine which AI explanation techniques could be applied to increase public understanding of expert knowledge and decisions in such situations (e.g. combining contrastive and counterfactual explanations with persuasive communication). This could provide experts and decision-makers with novel methods for improving their communication and increasing public acceptance of their recommendations (e.g. COVID-19 containment measures, vaccination).